Michael’s Articles

The Feminine Principle

It seems a bit of a cheek for a mere male to write about the feminine principle, but I am happy to do so. I suspect it is largely unrealised just how powerful the feminine principle actually is. For example, not many males are aware of the simple fact that they began life in their mothers’ body as a female. Medical science has a standard sex determination know as the X Y system. It is all about chromosomes. Women have two of the same sex chromosomes X X, while men are the X Y. However, from the moment of conception everyone is female, X X, until the Y chromosome kicks in any time around the six weeks to two months mark. And then we troublesome guys begin to create problems . . . X Y!

The Michael Roads Effect

This Preface is for the forthcoming book ‘The Michael Roads Effect’ by Celine Tadiotto and Sophie Marnez. Personally, I find it amazing that a book should be written about me, instead of by me . . . but I am very honoured.

I have written many Introductions to my own books, but this is the first time I have ever written an introduction to a book written by two women about my effect on the people who, over the years, have attended my spiritual teaching events. I have never before even considered writing such an introduction, but . . . here goes!

The Number One Relationship

One thing that nobody can avoid is being in a relationship.

Okay, you may be thinking, I am not in a relationship right now. But you are. You are in a relationship with yourself! We all are, yet in some strange manner, it seems to be the overlooked relationship. Everybody wants to be in a loving relationship — hence the thriving On-line Dating industry — but very few people accept that a relationship with yourself actually qualifies as a real and meaningful relationship. Few people actually realise that your relationship with yourself is the key factor in all your other relationships, your spouse, your partner, your children, all your family and many friends. Every one of these relationships will develop along the lines of your relationship with yourself.

Soul, Spirit and Higher Self

A few months ago I was asked if I could explain the difference between soul, spirit and higher self. I answered the question, but realising that many people may also be unclear about this, I thought that it might be a good subject to include on my website.

You and I are souls clothed in both a physical body and identity. It is soul that is supposed to incarnate from one so-called lifetime to another, but the words we use to describe this tend to create a false picture. The suggested image is that we die, then through rebirth we incarnate onto Earth once again. In other words, the image is birth, death and rebirth, over and over. This image is false.

A Different Approach to Guilt, Blame and Forgiveness

Guilt, blame and the need for forgiveness are very common problems for humanity. In this article I intend to approach this from a completely different viewpoint. As a spiritual teacher, I am very aware that in everyday life many people consider themselves as physical and mortal Beings who have a single life, and they had better get it right and not disappoint their parents and family. Most people literally live their life with a heavy burden of I must, I should or I should not. This is a hopeless path if we like good health and happiness.

Be Carefull with your words, Consciousness is Listening

Walking into a pet store the other day, I told the woman at the counter what it was that I wanted. “Too easy,” she said, getting exactly what I wanted and taking the money. I reflected on this purely Australian colloquialism that you hear nowhere else in the world. Too easy. As far as colloquialisms go it is a very positive one. Most are not! Quite the opposite, in fact.

Probably the most common colloquialism in Oz is the reply to, “Hi, how are you?” Invariably, you hear, “Not bad.” It becomes obvious that people, generally, have no idea of the impact regularly repeated words and statements have on their lives. Another common one from more positive people when you are asking for help is, “No worries, mate,” or “Not a problem.” Let us look at the power of regular statements. Maybe you are a person who has your own.

The Timing is Now

Humanity is in a rather extraordinary time right now. We are at a point in the cycles of life that occurs once in about every two hundred thousand years. Not a repeat, life is not into repeats — even though we are! — but an opportunity. If we condense this right down to the nitty-gritty, we are currently living through a time of such Change on a metaphysical level that inner peace and Love will be vital for us to create the essential balance allowing us to emerge whole and new.

The Meaning of Life

In the most simple terms possible, the meaning of life for humanity is the meaning of you. Truly, that’s it . . . in a nutshell.

Of course, being a complicated species this statement is far too simple, we need to make it more difficult to understand. If we struggle to understand, it will surely be closer to the truth! It’s a pity that we find it so hard to accept that the greatest Truth’s are the most simple; that simple is powerful, that simple takes us directly into the essence of life.

The Greater Family

We are very good at rallying around the family in any crisis, or at times of celebrating the many holidays and regular annual birthdays. Our biological family means a lot to us, warding off feelings of isolation and separation. In the way of a fire in the grate, family ties need to be constantly fuelled and maintained. It is family that teaches us the give and take of life . . . or at least, it should!

Emotional Intelligence

On the rare occasions that I watch any reality TV, I am always reminded of the sheer lack of emotional intelligence in people. I often wonder if people know what emotional intelligence actually is, or if they ever think to consciously use it? Emotions . . . we all know what these are. Intelligence . . . unfortunately, this is rare in people. Many people do not know the difference between our intelligence and the intellect, often thinking they are the same. They are not. Intelligence can only be consciously accessed in the moment – hence the rarity! — while the intellect, which is subconsciously available, is all too often our substitute for intelligence. It is not intelligence that polluted our world, but for too many years our intellects excused and justified it!

The Art of Choosing Love

I am surprised how often a person writes, or says to me that they have no idea how to choose Love. It was requested that because “. . . consciously choose Love!” has become my tagline, maybe I would write an explanation.

As a generalisation, people live either head-first or heart-first. This is not a hard and fast rule; it is simply my observation of the often unrecognised difference between these two types of people. Obviously it is more difficult to choose Love when we are head-focussed than if we are more heart-oriented. I used to wonder if this head-first or heart-first way of living is a learned behaviour from childhood, or if it is simply the differences in our inherent nature; I decided on the latter.

Celebrating the Feminine Principle

Looking at our sad and terrible history we come across the Catholic based Spanish Inquisition. God only knows how many innocents died — with the emphasis on women and girls -— but it lasted far longer than is generally realised, beginning in the 12th century with the last execution early in the 19th century. However, my point is this. The majority of those executions were based in rounding up the village women and looking for the local witches. Why? The prime movers of religious control knew that intelligence follows the feminine principle. Intelligence, not the intellect. From my metaphysical investigations and as a pure generalisation, men are more intellectual than women, while women are considerably more intelligent than men.

The Basics of the Basics

Any mention of ‘back to the basics’ conjures up ideas and visions of back to Nature and growing our own food. And rightly so, for this is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. As a measure of how important this is, all my earlier books were on this subject, and they became best sellers. Although organic gardening and reconnecting with Nature are basic and essential for us to survive our precarious future, if our main thrust is from fear and survival then we are in trouble.

New Growth

As I work in my new Forest Garden I am aware of all the new growth that surrounds me. There is new growth in the young plants, but also new growth in the older ones. Age in plants does not stop new growth; they grow as freely and as vigorously as the young ones. As I worked, I could not help but become aware of how different this is with people.

Understanding Life, or Embracing it

What is the new? What is the old? Is there really the new and the old? Or is the new actually the old in new clothing? Hmm . . . something to ponder! We ask questions basically because we want to understand. Yet do we really want the Truth in our answers, or do we just want a truth? Something that is both acceptable and easily understood. Take, for example, the old biblical adage . . . the peace that passes understanding. Do you immediately want to understand this statement? Or understand what peace is? This is actually a very common reaction in our left-brain dominant world. The implication, however, is very challenging for many people. You can experience peace – I do – but you cannot understand it. I do not! The mind likes to understand, especially when driven by a clever intellect. But the mind cannot experience peace, it can only be a witness to its presence. So peace actually is beyond all intellectual understanding . . . although I doubt that the intellect fully accepts or understands this!

Self-Observation and Being Aware

There are many aspects regarding our ability to be aware. Generally we are more aware of what is going on around us and outside of us, than we are of what is taking place within us. We react over and over, yet unless our reaction is called to our attention we seldom notice it . . . so we carry on regardless. Yet, if or when it is called to our attention it is commonly met with another reaction about how we don’t react! Unfortunately, this is a very frequent scenario in the lives of most people.

Human Transformation

We are Beings of pure creation, this is our design . . . to create. My teachings are based in the universal principles of Truth. To teach these principles I am required to express them, embody them. One of these principles states that in every moment of your life you are creating the direction and the content of every moment of your life. Obviously this principle holds the key to personal transformation. One way or another, deliberate or otherwise, we never stop creating. If we look at the rising suicides, increasing dementia, all the drug and alcohol problems, depression and sicknesses, it becomes apparent we are transforming into a species that is expressing far less than our potential.