Entering the Secret World of Nature

Filmed by Dean Jefferys (http://www.toadwhalesun.com)

Through out my life I have used many tools to deepen my connection and communication with the natural world including the use of mind expanding plants and fungi. I have come across the powerful experience of smoking the secretions from the Sonora desert toad which has taken nature communication to a whole other level. When I heard that Michael Roads was able to deeply communication with nature on a meta physical and physical level without taking any substance to assist him, I wanted to interview Michael for my Documentary “The Toad the Whale and the Sun” and do his workshop.

Dean Jefferys

I have known Dean Jefferys for about 35 to 40 years. We were good friends when he paint-bombed the visiting nuclear submarine at that time. This made him very unpopular with the politicians, while the environmentalists sung his praises. I personally thought he was rather brave to take on a heavily armed American nuclear submarine in an ultra-light aircraft! Maybe his few weeks in prison were well spent, because he choose a more Loving and far less confrontational way ahead from that time. He has made several highly respected documentary films, so when he asked me for an interview, I was more than happy to oblige.

Michael J. Roads

The breakdown to Dean’s interview:

(Time – Subject)

  • 1:37   How does one deeply communicate with Nature?
  • 6:15   Surrendering to the process of not thinking and embracing oneness.
  • 7:38   Trust vs self doubt.
  • 8:18   Developing intuition.
  • 12:53  Do Whales have any specific roles here on the planet?
  • 16:08  Nothing by accident, nothing by chance. Everything works by design.
  • 17:40  Whales sing a song of connection, Love and the consciousness of life on earth.
  • 21:52  Physical sound – metaphysical sound.
  • 23:26  What is a metaphysical reality?
  • 26:53  What is Life about?
  • 30:22  Our evolution on the planet.
  • 35:40  Is existence forcing a new age on us, and if so, what does that look like?
  • 41:46  Are whales an expression of unconditional Love?
  • 42:51  Can humanity affect a decrease in possible mass calamities?
  • 46:07  Being inside a leaf and following the sun energy to the core of the earth,
  • 56:08  Techniques to develop trust in inter-species communication.
  • 1:00:10  Can we direct the next 20 – 30 years, which seems rather critical, through conscious will?
  • 1:02:55  Attachments.
  • 1:10:33  Being under the influence of the Sonora dessert toad secretions (or any substance) compared to entering a metaphysical reality at will.
  • 1:17:34  Experiences in a metaphysical non-duality reality.
  • 1:23:09  Does one have to access a metaphysical reality to be able to communicate telepathically?
  • 1:25:00  Understanding the consciousness experienced under the Sonora dessert toad secretions influence.
  • 1:26:40  A description of the metaphysical body.
  • 1:28:08  Do you enter metaphysical states with an intention to achieve a certain result?
  • 1:30:57  Do you have any desire or calling to go into the metaphysical world and attempt to affect the way the 6th cycle will play out?
  • 1:32:12  If everything is perfect, why do you travel the world sharing your experiences and wisdom with people?
  • 1:37:58  Does it all go back to choosing Love?