Michael J. Roads

What is the new? What is the old? Is there really the new and the old? Or is the new actually the old in new clothing? Hmm . . . something to ponder! We ask questions basically because we want to understand. Yet do we really want the Truth in our answers, or do we just want a truth? Something that is both acceptable and easily understood. Take, for example, the old biblical adage . . . the peace that passes understanding. Do you immediately want to understand this statement? Or understand what peace is? This is actually a very common reaction in our left-brain dominant world. The implication, however, is very challenging for many people. You can experience peace – I do – but you cannot understand it. I do not! The mind likes to understand, especially when driven by a clever intellect. But the mind cannot experience peace, it can only be a witness to its presence. So peace actually is beyond all intellectual understanding . . . although I doubt that the intellect fully accepts or understands this!

Peace exists only in the moment; understanding cannot be in the moment. To understand we need to think, and you cannot think your way into the moment, only out of it. The moment is silent, peaceful, free. None of this can be seized by the intellect and understood, but the soul we are is able to experience it. However, just as the left hemisphere of the brain seeks to understand information, the right hemisphere embraces information. I consider this to be the approach of conscious intelligence, rather than the invariably subconscious intellect.

For me — you need not accept this — I am finding that understanding has a less and less significant role to play on our spiritual path. On our everyday life path, yes, we need to understand. How to drive, or work with computers, the list is endless. But all these paths are One, you may protest. True, they are, but let us consider this. The spiritual path should be your every moment, but to be on that path you are required to be conscious in every moment. Unfortunately, we are a humanity with about ninety-four percent of people living subconsciously . . . less than fully conscious! We all know that you can be working or driving and the mind is all over the place with worries, ideas, frustrations, blame, a long list. Is this the same path as being consciously aware? Of course not. Each have a very different expression. Consciously living your spirituality in every moment of your day is extremely rare!

I get a fair number of questions to which I mostly write short replies. I confess, whether other people understand or accept my reply is not something I am attached to. Truth has its own timing, and I am perfectly content for people to find their own timing, while possibly rejecting my simple explanation. At the start of this I wrote, what is the new? For me, an expression of newness is to embrace life rather than trying to understand it. What is the old? Attempting to understand life, thus dragging the the query of the moment back into the past in order to extract an understanding from it. This is the path of more of the same. Quite simply, this does not work.

Our whole system of education is based on producing a clever product, yet, as is so glaringly obvious, clever holds hands with stupid. World politics demonstrates this perfectly. Let me explain this a bit more fully. When you embrace information, you are taking it into the space of intelligence. Trust is also a part of this equation. From this open, trusting embrace the deeper and most relevant details of the information will merge into your consciousness, enriching your life. When you seek to understand, you will stay within the boundaries and parameters of your knowledge without expanding it, rather than embracing and expanding it into exciting new areas and dimensions.

As you read this are you trying to understand my words, denying them their truth, or are you smiling and allowing it into your heart in an uncluttered flow, knowing that timing will reveal considerably more than you have just read. This, dear friends, is the higher path of intelligence.