Michael J. Roads

This Preface is for the forthcoming book ‘The Michael Roads Effect’ by Celine Tadiotto and Sophie Marnez. Personally, I find it amazing that a book should be written about me, instead of by me . . . but I am very honoured.


I have written many Introductions to my own books, but this is the first time I have ever written an introduction to a book written by two women about my effect on the people who, over the years, have attended my spiritual teaching events. I have never before even considered writing such an introduction, but . . . here goes!

It would be apparent that the pointers to consider in the changes I invoke in other people are connected to the same, or similar changes that have taken place in me. It is interesting to note that when a person has no named or defined ‘way’ or ‘path’ and they are taught to let go of all, or as many attachments as possible, then they inner-grow without the bias and beliefs that impede and impair the inner-growth of so many people.

One of the many challenges for a person on their spiritual path is their attachment to their parents and even grand-parents religious beliefs. When you grow up with a religious background it becomes familiar, and familiar is easily translated into comfortable and safe! The fact that there is no such thing as a safe and comfortable path is nowhere near as attractive as the illusion of a safe and proven path. But . . . is it proven? Thus it is that many people attempt to marry their new spirituality with their old, unrealised religious attachment-beliefs. This translates as ‘I believe in spiritual freedom and Mother Marie.’ Neither is right nor wrong, but there is no freedom within such a fixed belief.

One of my greatest challenges is to get people to realise that no lifeline is necessary. We are eternal Beings learning that we are eternal Beings, and not separate and isolated body/personalities trying to become something. We already are what we ‘want’ to be. But while we continue to ‘want’ to be something else, these ‘wants’ fail to ever produce Truth.

It is my experience that a spiritual teacher cannot teach other people if they themselves have not fully experienced what they are teaching. I teach people about spiritual enlightenment, unconditional Love and emotional balance. True spirituality is not a ‘subject’ to be taught intellectually. In fact, it is my contention that there is no such thing as an intellectual path to enlightened spirituality. Of course, you can be spiritually enlightened and an intellectual, but you will know that it was not the intellect that created the moment of enlightenment. However, the intellect is an excellent tool for describing it, and the way it may be attained.

My spiritual path was one of pain and suffering. I seriously do not recommend this, yet it is fear and suffering that is one of humanities greatest attachments. Forget drugs and alcohol as the great addictions; one of the great human addictions is to fear, anger, blame, pain, retribution and the resulting suffering. This, in its many thousands of varying expressions, is the cause of the over forty-thousand diseases that humanity has created and suffers from. Having myself been through the drama and trauma of pain and suffering, I know its energy. For me, I have released it from my life, with only very few and brief reconnections.

They say that everything in life carries its own gift; as a generalisation I agree with this. The gift I received was the ability to empathise with the hurt and pain of others. They know that I know! All pain and suffering comes from our emotions, yet strangely enough, it is the intellect that has years of refinement and education while the emotions are largely ignored. In schools and universities all over the world, this farce continues. We have many subtle bodies, and by far the most valuable and important to us is our emotional body. This is why I spend considerable time in my events teaching people how to balance their emotional body. It is paramount to inner growth. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you focus on emotional growth you will grow spiritually, whereas is you focus only on spiritual growth you will not grow emotionally. There is plenty of evidence to support this.

For me, as a spiritual teacher it is very important that I continue to grow in consciousness. There is no resting place, no plateau on which to recover. Indeed, if I am sharing Truth there is no tiredness or fatigue to be generated. If I carry the consciousness of spiritual growth then it is energetically within my words when I am speaking, or even writing. It is this energy which moves into the heart/soul of the participants. They hear the words, while unrealised, the energy we share is moving into the deeper levels of their Beingness. This, in turn, creates change which is perfectly natural, within perfect timing, and always appropriate to each person on their own spiritual journey.

I never look at a group thinking that I have to change them, or heal them, or teach them, or in any way improve them. I see them as perfect. I see the world as perfect. I see each person ‘is’ the world. All I attempt to do in my own way is to inspire people to reconnect with their own perfection, their own magnificence. When, on the first day I begin an event, it is not unusual for the left-brain dominant intellectuals to feel a degree of scepticism, maybe even cynicism. I accept this. Almost without exception those people quite quickly release such an attitude. My teachings are heart focused . . . not brain. I aim to communicate with the intelligence of the people, not with their intellects.

Yes, it happens maybe once in every two or three years that a person is so locked into their beliefs, their program, that they are unable to break out. They usually blame me. All part of the teachers lot! They are not yet ready to accept responsibility for themselves. But as I said, this is now rare. Generally such people steer away from my rather hands-on, energetic approach. I treat people who have chosen to be at one my events based on two assumptions: the first is that they are intelligent, the second is that they are open to BIG change. As I have already said, not change that I will force, but a natural change from the illusion of who they ‘think’ they are toward the Truth of who they actually are.

In my last paragraph I mentioned the ‘programme’. Humanity is very deeply programmed. This programme is held in the subconscious and is lived with no realisation of what is happening. It could be described as endlessly reliving the past, no matter what the material/technological/political content of the day holds. We live the same mental and emotional attachments over and over. The greatest of all attachments in humanity is sameness. More of the same, over and over . . . and all without consciously realising it. It is estimated that approximately 94% of humanity live subconsciously locked into the programme! This reveals why we, as a species, are being compelled and thrust into Change on a global scale.

You cannot subconsciously grow in consciousness. You can only consciously grow in consciousness. Seems fairly obvious, and yet most of humanity still approaches inner-growth on a subconscious level. I am considered to be a spiritual teacher, and I accept this. From my perspective there are only two ways to live life: one way works and the other way does not. Our dilemma is that about 94% of humanity lives in a way that does not work for them. I teach people how to live in a way that works. It really is that simple. Of course, a fair percentage of those people in the 94% are extremely wealthy and live so-called successful lives. Nevertheless, we are here as souls to grow in consciousness. That’s it. All the games we play in the illusion of success and failure add up to nothing. We either grow in consciousness, or we do not. And not is the current driver of Change!

To not grow does not make us wrong or bad, it simply means we remain on the current cycle of reincarnation. I teach people how to truly grow. I will add that an intellectual understanding of what I teach attains nothing. It is a teaching that has to be applied to your life, and lived. That’s all it takes. “That’s all,” he says! Another addiction is to the intellectual understanding of what people are attempting to learn from me. Put simply, this does not work!

Quite honestly, I Love humanity. Does this mean that I approve of the way much of humanity conducts itself? No, I do not. Neither do I judge it or condemn it. It is as it is.

Equally, I Love my spiritual teaching events. I Love the participants. Why? because I Love myself and who I am. And I know that we are One.
Hopefully this book will inspire you to attend ‘Seven Days With Michael’ in your vicinity, or in your country. If it does, then we will meet. Whatever or however, the clock is ticking on human Change and I offer assistance with Truth, with unconditional Love, with emotional balance, spiritual insights, plus a lot of humour, fun and inspiration in the process.

Michael J. Roads
December 2019