Michael J. Roads

Humanity is in a rather extraordinary time right now. We are at a point in the cycles of life that occurs once in about every two hundred thousand years. Not a repeat, life is not into repeats — even though we are! — but an opportunity. If we condense this right down to the nitty-gritty, we are currently living through a time of such Change on a metaphysical level that inner peace and Love will be vital for us to create the essential balance allowing us to emerge whole and new.

We are in a time of polarisation. We are all, whether we like it or not, aligning with the people and circumstances of our consciousness. If your life is hectic, and besieged by anguish and illness, then without any judgement, this is your alignment. This means that you are not in harmony with yourself. Forget the world. People think the world affects them, but this is not the way of it. It is we who affect the world. If you are in balance and harmony within yourself, this will be your position within the world. Do you get it? You are the world . . . there is nothing outside Self. This is why we are living in times of great intensity. This is why it is so important to be in balance and harmony with the environment of Self. This is what the great polarisation is all about. It is not about how much money you have, or about security or success. What value is that to an eternal Being? It is about the times we are living in and the Great Change that is drawing closer with every breath we take.

The choice is simple — more of the same for about another two hundred thousand years — or change and newness. This is what my new Seven Days With Michael are all about, natural Change without force or judgement. And what brings about this natural Change? Learning to unconditionally Love yourself. This changes everything in your life and in your world. As the words of the song describe . . . Love Changes Everything.

In a few brief words, I am attempting to convey to you that the time is now. Tomorrow has a habit of sliding into next year, next decade, and oh so easily into . . . too late. You are the person who determines your life. You are the person who determines your values. When you realise that you are an eternal Being seeking to grow in consciousness, then you will realise your true worth. Remember, there is a timing to all this, but it is you who determines that timing. Now, is far better than, too late in this current opportunity. For yourself, consciously . . . choose Love!