Michael J. Roads

Any mention of ‘back to the basics’ conjures up ideas and visions of back to Nature and growing our own food. And rightly so, for this is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. As a measure of how important this is, all my earlier books were on this subject, and they became best sellers. Although organic gardening and reconnecting with Nature are basic and essential for us to survive our precarious future, if our main thrust is from fear and survival then we are in trouble.

No matter what our actions may be, if they are motivated by any form of fear it matters not at all what we do. Our survival as a species is about the development of our consciousness, not on basic survival techniques. Even the thought of needing to survive is based in the illusion of death. Any action that is based in illusion comes from the subconscious, and no matter how good the intention nor how high the ideals, it is not going to make any ‘real’ difference.

Beyond the basics of the ‘Back to Earth’ movement there is another much deeper movement, with far too few people involved. Any action that is taken in fear and survival is of the old; not wrong or bad or should’t, but it is based in the illusion of death and endings. Any action that is based in Love and Truth is of the New; not right or better or should, but it is born from a relationship with Truth. This is not an objective Truth that is determined by debate and discussion: it is a holistic Truth that is lived and experienced.

We are now in a time period where a life-cycle is coming to an end. All the signs are evident to anyone who is observant without judgement. What this suggests is that a ‘back to basics’ movement is a natural response to the ever increasing perceived dangers of our time. If this movement is Love- based, rather than fear-based, then it is a movement that will reap a very powerful harvest. Of course, it will have a multitude of fear-based people with a need to survive, along with a smaller component of people who are following a natural instinct to reconnect with Nature and the Earth on a more Loving basis.

We are already deeply into our Earth changes, yet the more violent aspects of this is yet to be revealed. The birth of a caterpillar into a butterfly is a good example of what I mean. A butterfly is not a flying caterpillar; it is changed, transmuted and transformed. If you are part of the back to basics movement, be conscious . . . and let it be your highest expression of consciously . . . choosing Love.