Inspirational Music

Music by Nanne and Ankie
Lyrics by Michael Roads

Since the 1990s Nanne and Ankie have been captivated by the stories and insights of Michael Roads. After one of his seminars, Michael gave them permission to perform a concert. This, in subsequent years, led to a collaboration of Michael writing lyrical spiritual insights which Nanne and Ankie put to music and song, adding to their vast repertoire of over 30 CD’s produced together since 1980. They regularly tour Europe, North America and Australia.

Nanne and Ankie are often at several of Michael’s yearly international events, singing these songs in between Michael’s presentations, conducting pre-breakfast morning ‘sings’ with all who are interested, and presenting an evening concert the final night . . . a hugely popular event greatly enjoyed by all!

Over the years Michael, Nanne and Ankie have created dozens of songs presented in five CD’s: ‘The Game of Change’, ‘The Song of Life’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Choose Love’ and their latest CD ‘Miracles Happen’.

Listen to ‘Universal Tree‘ . . . a perennial favorite of their combined efforts.

To order any of the CD’s, please contact Nanne & Ankie through e-mail: