Michael J. Roads

In the most simple terms possible, the meaning of life for humanity is the meaning of you. Truly, that’s it . . . in a nutshell.

Of course, being a complicated species this statement is far too simple, we need to make it more difficult to understand. If we struggle to understand, it will surely be closer to the truth! It’s a pity that we find it so hard to accept that the greatest Truth’s are the most simple; that simple is powerful, that simple takes us directly into the essence of life.

The meaning of life, the reason for life as we know it — even though we experience less than one percent of the electromagnetic and acoustic range of all the life that is around us — is the evolution of consciousness. Nature is the natural evolution of consciousness: while humanity is the creative evolution of consciousness. Consciousness draws to itself physical form through which to express; the true expression is actually consciousness. This is the reason that life as we know it exists.

Naturally enough, humanity is completely engaged in the physical aspects of life, looking at questions such as the meaning of life mostly on a physical level. For the deeper meaning we are required to look at a deeper level. When we look in a mirror we see only a physical body, we do not see the greater metaphysical body of a far higher frequency.

Through our eyes and ears we see and hear only that which has a frequency slower than the speed of light — the one percent. From my perspective, it is rather difficult to describe the meaning of life from so small a spectrum of experience. I consider that the people who live their lives on a purely mental, emotional and physical level probably do not experience more than ten to fifteen percent of life, at best.

I repeat, the body we do not see in the mirror has a much higher frequency. This is the metaphysical body. I have spent over five decades of my life developing the ability to experience life from the metaphysical. The metaphysical body is far more complex and refined than the dense physical body, thus offering a far greater integration with that other ninety-nine percent of life. Most people are unable to consciously experience any of this.

The meaning of life is the meaning of you. Consider then, the huge difference between experiencing the one percent of life, compared to experiencing some of the remaining ninety-nine percent. On the former level there is no real growth in consciousness, while on the latter level you are inner growth in continuous development.

We might believe that our huge intellectual development is surely growth in consciousness, but clearly, this is not so. We have become a species mainly expressing through our subconscious intellect, rather than expressing through our conscious intelligence. This is the way we were designed: to consciously express and grow. It is not possible to subconsciously grow in consciousness. Obviously, it is only by being conscious and aware that we grow in consciousness.

We are destroying our own world environment. Would conscious human intelligence do this? I think not. However, intellectually we can come up with reasons and excuses for as long as is required, while continuing to destroy our home planet. Each one of us in our developing individuality — it has a way to go! — make choices that are either an aspect of a global solution in consciousness, or are part of the problem, unaware, detrimental, non-conscious reactions.

If I live a loving, thoughtful, responsible, non-reactive, conscious and aware meaningful life, I am contributing to the meaning of life. In this way I am contributing to the creative evolution of consciousness. The key here is loving and conscious. This makes my life meaningful. If I live a negative, reactive, blaming, aggressive, unaware, subconscious and meaningless life, then I have lived in a way that gives my life very little meaning. I will have contributed almost nothing to the evolution of consciousness.

The very fact that we are metaphysical, multidimensional, eternal Beings works very much in our favour. No matter how we live, the pure thrust of linear time will work its eventual alchemy. Physically we live in linear time, while metaphysically we live in what I call spherical time, meaning all time occupies the same moment.

To summarise, I repeat that the meaning of life is the meaning of each one of us. We each collectively connect with and create the vast overall evolution of consciousness on this planet. It is an act of pure evolution to consciously . . . choose Love!