Michael J. Roads

Looking at our sad and terrible history we come across the Catholic based Spanish Inquisition. God only knows how many innocents died — with the emphasis on women and girls -— but it lasted far longer than is generally realised, beginning in the 12th century with the last execution early in the 19th century. However, my point is this. The majority of those executions were based in rounding up the village women and looking for the local witches. Why? The prime movers of religious control knew that intelligence follows the feminine principle. Intelligence, not the intellect. From my metaphysical investigations and as a pure generalisation, men are more intellectual than women, while women are considerably more intelligent than men.

It was not the so-called witches the Inquisition were seeking to destroy. That terrible and merciless hierarchy knew perfectly well that intelligence follows the feminine principle. Those manipulators of our history were murdering the wise women of the villages, young and older, thus denying any chance of feminine dominance appearing. And this savage and inhuman manipulation continued in the name of God for around 700 years! What a breathtaking crime against the feminine principle . . . and humanity. We are now in a time of major Change. The feminine principle is rising and nothing can or will stop it. Although Mothers Day is logically the day we celebrate our mothers, it is also the day that the whole feminine principle is recognised and thus recharged. Inadvertently, we have never allowed the feminine principle to lose too much of its precious energy.

Now, the inflexible, savage old male energy dominance is crying out in its death throes, not even aware of its imminent demise. I find it fascinating that it is actually old male dominance energy that is destroying the old male dominance energy. How bizarre . . . and perfect! So be aware all those women and men of the feminine principle, we do not have to fight for our survival. We are on the rise . . . and nothing can prevent the inevitable. We are the people who are easily able to embrace the feminine principle of Love. With all your energy, Love those who have persecuted you. Without going into any explanations, it is a path we all long ago chose. A foolish path, but a choice. The way out, the way forward, is the opposite from the old energy of opposition. Our time is here, and the feminine principles of compassion and of true forgiveness are the way to heal the deeps wounds of all humanity. It is the divine feminine principle that consciously . . . chooses Love!