Michael J. Roads

There are many aspects regarding our ability to be aware. Generally we are more aware of what is going on around us and outside of us, than we are of what is taking place within us. We react over and over, yet unless our reaction is called to our attention we seldom notice it . . . so we carry on regardless. Yet, if or when it is called to our attention it is commonly met with another reaction about how we don’t react! Unfortunately, this is a very frequent scenario in the lives of most people.

We can improve on this repeat pattern of behaviour by learning to be the observer of ourselves. In other words, we observe ourselves as an actor on the stage of life, watching the act without any hint of judgement or criticism, yet taking notice of that which works in our favour, and that which works against us. It is important to do this without any form of criticism, simply because self-criticism does not work either. And people are very self critical. In fact, most of our subconscious thoughts hover around how we are not good enough, remaining constantly negative. It is only when we are more conscious that our thoughts become more positive and uplifting.

Many people entertain the idea that it is our difficult situations that cause us stress, but this is not true. In a greater reality there is nothing outside Self. I do not mean nothing outside the physical body/personality, but nothing outside the eternal spiritual Beings that we truly are. In effect, this means that no matter what situation we are in, we created it. In every moment of our lives we are creating the content and direction of every moment of our lives. By this I mean that our every thought, the content of our emotions, our beliefs and attachments, and our most constant daily focus are the creative factors of our lives. What I am indicating is that it is the inner person who creates the difficult situations not some outside agency that is out to get you.
When you become aware that you are the creative factor of your life, then you will realise that a stressful person creates difficult situations . . . and so it seems to continue for very many people. Seriously, a stressful person is highly unlikely to create harmonious situations! Life does not work that way. A calm and peaceful person creates situations that are easily moved through, or easily dealt with. It all comes down to Self/self. This is where self-observation comes in. When you see, and accept, that you are the person creating disorder around you and in your life, you can quit blaming other people and move into a pattern of behaviour that works for you without creating the stressful situations.

Many people blame the government! This is understandable because most politicians are locked into the same reactive situation as the majority of people they are supposed to serve, busy living a stressful life, while blaming the members of the opposing political party . . . and so it goes, on and on. We cannot correct this destructive life cycle in other people, but we can bring it to an end within ourselves. By observing what works for our benefit in our everyday life, and by observing what works to make us stressed and tired in daily life, we are able to make the inner changes for our overall wellbeing.

I repeat, never do this from a critical viewpoint. Never criticise your negative aspects when you observe them in action; just gradually erase them from your future thoughts and actions. With practice you will be able to make adjustments to your self-expression in the present moment that life is taking place. You can change from a stressful life to one of inner peace. Both of these aspects are within yourself. It is simply a matter of which aspect you choose in the ever ongoing moment. Of course it will, within all this, be to your great advantage if you also consciously . . . choose Love!