Healing Humanity Meditation

Every FIRST Sunday of the Month

5:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane Time)

A few words about my live meditation . . . Healing Humanity Meditation. It is all about raising the whole human energy, our consciousness, our frequency. Please allow about an hour for this.

This meditation will be spontaneous — me, in the moment! For me, it is about all of us connecting in energy. Although it will be recorded, only the direct meditation carries the living energy of the moment, and this is important.
I will begin by explaining what it is that I do, and detail your part as a participant. All very simple! We then start with a whole-brain balancing – pineal growth/stimulation exercise. This is really important right now. Humanity is out of balance, which means the world is out of balance. As we help bring humanity into balance, so we affect the world. And we — along with other people and groups doing it their own way — can achieve this. The energy/frequency is rising. We have the ability to harness this energy and raise the whole human consciousness. Never underestimate the power of focused intent and purpose.

Please share this with all the people who you think might be interested. And ask them to also share! Let us grow, and together reach for the Love and Light of Newness.
In this way, together, we CONSCIOUSLY . . . choose Love!

Recorded Healing Humanity Meditation

You can listen to the Healing Humanity Meditation (▸) or your can download the Meditation (⤓).

November 2022

Healing Humanity Meditation – Michael Roads

Recorded on Sunday 6 November 2022 at 5:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane Time).

Experiencing your chakras and your metaphysical body

You can listen to the Inner Exercise (▸) or your can download the Exercise (⤓).

Interested in the recorded meditations of previous months?

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