Celebrating Michael J. Roads

14 April 1937 – 28 April 2024

Michael J. Roads was born on 14 April 1937 in Cambridgeshire, England, and grew up as a farmer’s son. He left school as early as he could and worked for his father. At the age of 21, he married his first wife, Treenie, with whom he emigrated to Australia in 1964. Together, they had a beef and dairy farm and raised four children (Duncan, Adrian, Russell and Tracey). During this time, he became one of the key members that initiated the Australian organic movement and he wrote his first book, on organic gardening, which became a bestseller. After selling the farm in the mid-70s, he and his late wife co-founded a spiritual community, which they left after four years, eventually moving to the Belligen Valley on the east coast of Australia. In 2007 he remarried Carolyn. They reside on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

In 1986 he experienced what he described as “a profound leap into a higher state of consciousness” and began writing his books and giving public talks. For over thirty years, Michael has been a writer and spiritual teacher in many countries around the world.

Michael was diagnosed with terminal cancer last June 2023. He transitioned peacefully at home in the early hours of April 28th.

Although expected, there is no way to prepare for the void the absence of his physical presence has left in the hearts of family and friends . . . and none more than me. It’s a great relief that he is free from his body that no longer served him, yet my heart is struggling with facing a future without him. If my Love could have kept him alive, he would have lived forever. But his soul is on a journey, and I honour that completely. Life always gets it right.

We invite you to join us for his Celebration of Life. He touched thousands of hearts through his books and events, and now we come together to touch his heart in return. We hope you will join us.

With all my Love,
Carolyn, and the entire Roads’ family.

Celebrate The Life of Michael

Recording of the service on Friday, May 17th at 1 pm

Michael and his Family

Michael, the Modern Mystic

In Memory of Michael . . .

Prior to Michael’s passing we spoke of his memorial service, and if there was any special way he would like to be remembered. Since we both so very much want his legacy of ‘Choosing Love’ to live on, I suggested a meaningful alternate to the traditional flower tribute, which he liked very much. If it feels right in your heart, please consider purchasing one of his books and gifting it to a friend. By doing so we perpetuate his spirit and offer a sentiment he would cherish. Together we unite and continue to spread the ‘Love Bug’ and that would honour him in the very best possible way . . . the way of Love.

With all the Love in my heart, Carolyn

An Impression of a Five Day ‘Michael Roads’ Intensive

The Universal Tree

Lyrics: Michael J. Roads
Music: Nanne & Ankie

My Beloved

Poem by Michael J. Roads

A beautiful example of Michael’s joy in writing is the poem, ‘My Beloved’.

‘My Beloved’ was written on a piece of paper while waiting for Treenie in a supermarket car park – that is how much of an inspired writer Michael was! The ‘Beloved’ of the poem is God, and the poem itself is a statement of Michael’s relationship with God.

MY BELOVED. If you are the mighty wind
Moving over the face of our mother earth,
Then l am the gentle breeze seeking
Refuge in the high winds of heaven.

MY BELOVED. If you are the vastness and
The infinite depth of the ocean,
Then I am the trickle which eddies
Forth from every rivulet you feed.

MY BELOVED. If you are the eagle high on the
Breezes of a limitless sky,
Then I am the wren, tiny and secure
In the feathers of your breast.

MY BELOVED. If you are the dazzling snow on
The white capped mountain tops,
Then it is I who melts as the
Sun touches your peak.

MY BELOVED. If you are the vastness of
The mighty blazing sun,
Then it is I reflected in
Each morning drop of dew.

MY BELOVED. In you I am whole,
for I have Found you ask for all of me.
I surrender, my Beloved.
I Surrender my nothing… for everything.

Michael J. Roads

Earth Overview by Mark Brewer

Dedicated to Michael J. Roads, who explored Earth from his metaphysical point of view and lovingly wrote books about it.

One of our ‘Michael Roads International Community‘ members, Mark Brewer, has had a career as a professional film editor on documentaries and movie trailers. During the pandemic, he created his own little films to share with friends. This is one of them, created over two years ago. Upon Michael Roads’ transition, Mark thought sharing it with other like-minded Community members might be inspiring.


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