Michael J. Roads

We are Beings of pure creation, this is our design . . . to create. My teachings are based in the universal principles of Truth. To teach these principles I am required to express them, embody them. One of these principles states that in every moment of your life you are creating the direction and the content of every moment of your life. Obviously this principle holds the key to personal transformation. One way or another, deliberate or otherwise, we never stop creating. If we look at the rising suicides, increasing dementia, all the drug and alcohol problems, depression and sicknesses, it becomes apparent we are transforming into a species that is expressing far less than our potential. Always remember that transformation can work both ways! While we remain predominantly subconscious as a species, forever caught in a continuous loop of more-of-the-same, then we are locked out of transformation into continuous stagnation of consciousness. In many ways it is this unfortunate probability that triggered the ending of our current human cycle. Continuing more-of-the-same is deadly, lethal.

It does not need to be this way. Over a period of years I, like many others, have transformed myself from living within the illusion to living within enlightenment. This is what I teach in my Seven Days With Michael all around the world. And I see many people transforming themselves as a result. I teach a way of living that works. Most people live in a way that does not work. And here you have it. What does not work to release our full potential seems to work in reverse, and we become reduced as a result. Like I said, we are forever creating and creation is unable to be still . . . it is always moving one way or the other. When we write or talk of transformation we tend to think of the caterpillar/butterfly metamorphic transformation, but the caterpillar — like all Nature — follows the blueprint of its own species, and thus moves steadily toward to its own transformation.

We of humanity do not have a ready-made blueprint to follow. We are creating that very blueprint in every moment of our lives and living; in every conversation and the emotions that arise; in every subconscious thought and the sub-emotions that arise . . . all unwittingly and unknowingly. Every time we react we move backwards simply because we are re-enacting from our past. Equally, each time we lovingly respond we move forward. Fear reacts from the past, while Love responds from the moment. Love, then, is the key! It becomes startlingly obvious that Love offers the most perfect transformation and is always available to us. We need to constantly and consciously . . . choose Love!