Michael J. Roads

It seems a bit of a cheek for a mere male to write about the feminine principle, but I am happy to do so. I suspect it is largely unrealised just how powerful the feminine principle actually is. For example, not many males are aware of the simple fact that they began life in their mothers’ body as a female. Medical science has a standard sex determination know as the X Y system. It is all about chromosomes. Women have two of the same sex chromosomes X X, while men are the X Y. However, from the moment of conception everyone is female, X X, until the Y chromosome kicks in any time around the six weeks to two months mark. And then we troublesome guys begin to create problems . . . X Y!

Like most men, I was a regular guy for all of my early life . . . and I am not belittling the many male exceptions to this. Unlike most guys, I was always easily able to access my emotional component and, for the most part, I was reasonably comfortable with this. In this way I grew up, boyish and then manly. Nothing changed until I began to consciously walk my spiritual path. We all walk a spiritual path, but far, far fewer people walk it consciously!

My late wife and I had founded an intentional spiritual community in Australia back in the 1970’s, and I was struggling. We all were, but that was no comfort! Here I was, an insecure man surrounded by problematic people. Anyway, let’s skip the details and get to the point of this. I was a child who grew up in a strongly matriarchal family. I had a matriarchal mother, a very dominant matriarchal grandmother, and then to cap it off I was sent to a private school with a super-dominant matriarchal head-mistress! They all could, and did hit/smack me, and I could do nothing about it. In retrospect I was abused physically – smacked/hit – and emotionally – words – all increasing my sense of powerlessness. The result, as an adult male, matriarchal women truly terrified me. And we had six of them in the community! Interestingly, I had even married a matriarchal woman, but she was on my side!

So, under the pressure of my old emotional trauma’s, one night I fell into a deep and troubled dream. I dreamt that I was standing on a beach and fishing in the ocean. Very soon I caught a huge fish about two metres long. I grabbed it out of the water, feeling instantly very powerfully bonded to the fish. Cradling it gently and easily in my arms, I walked along the beach toward my car. As I did so three men came suddenly out of nowhere and knocking me down, they grabbed the fish and ran away. I chased after them, noticing that they went into a standard English pub right on the beach. I ran in after them, and saw that the owner of the pub already had the fish mounted on a plaque and hanging on the wall. (You know how dreams are!). I jumped on the bar counter and leaping for the wall I grabbed the fish – still alive – and dashed out of the pub with it held in my arms once more. The three men and the pub owner all angrily chased after me.

I left the beach and began to run up a hillside road. As they got closer to me, I saw a thin stream of water cascading down the hillside and forming a pool before it went into a large drainpipe and under the road. Just as the angry men converged on me, I threw the fish into the freshwater pool.

Instantly, the fish transformed into a two metre tall powerful and beautiful goddess-like woman. A light shone from her, and she smiled at me. In the moment that the Light touched them, the men all just vanished, and I knew that they were also vanquished. Leaving the water, the woman walked over to me, and lovingly embracing me . . . she merged into me. In that moment I knew that on a soul-level I am a feminine energy.

The effect on me was huge. I turned away from my male-oriented power base and focussed on my inner feminine energy. That moment gave birth to my deep intuition and my much loved metaphysical abilities. Both of these abilities I have practiced for many years, with many of my books about my metaphysical journeys. Need I say that this also led to the healing of my old, long-held matriarchal fears. My dream merging with my feminine aspect was the bridge that led to me crossing over it into a peaceful relationship with the matriarchal women in the community.

I grew up without feeling that men are superior to women; quite the reverse. I had to learn that any comparisons we make between men and women are all based in long held and false judgements. To me it is simple; two differing expressions of one holistic energy. Men make a mystery out of women, and women tend to blame men for the sexuality inequality that for me, does not exist. Yes, the structure of society is unfair, but it has always been this way. Now, as we move from the dominance of male energy toward the balance of feminine energy, we may hopefully find harmony.

I have no doubt at all that it will be our feminine energy that will lead the way into a new age of humanity. It will be the feminine energy that will nurture the health of the land, of Nature and life as we move into a new paradigm of both balance and harmony.