Michael J. Roads

On the rare occasions that I watch any reality TV, I am always reminded of the sheer lack of emotional intelligence in people. I often wonder if people know what emotional intelligence actually is, or if they ever think to consciously use it? Emotions . . . we all know what these are. Intelligence . . . unfortunately, this is rare in people. Many people do not know the difference between our intelligence and the intellect, often thinking they are the same. They are not. Intelligence can only be consciously accessed in the moment – hence the rarity! — while the intellect, which is subconsciously available, is all too often our substitute for intelligence. It is not intelligence that polluted our world, but for too many years our intellects excused and justified it!

For some reason, people do not commonly perceive the link between our emotions and our intelligence or between emotions and consciousness. What people do not realise is that our emotions are our powerhouse, not our thoughts as is commonly believed. Thoughts precede emotions, but it is our emotions that rattle our cage.

Let me give you an example of using your emotions in a very unintelligent manner. If you have little money and what you have is rapidly receding, you will mostly be worried and anxious . . . negative emotions. Negative emotions communicate to consciousness that your focus is negative, and that lack of money is creating them. Consciousness only knows what you focus on. It does not know or care whether you want it or not, whether the focus will kill you or not, or if the focus is good for your welfare or not . . . it only knows your focus. Where you focus your energy flows . . . and connects and creates. Your emotional focus is lack, poverty and fear. So now, in consciousness you are attracting and creating more of the same, lack, poverty and fear. And thus the poor financial situation continues. This is not emotional intelligence, it is emotional stupidity.

Okay . . . same scenario, you have little money and it is receding. Instead of turning your thoughts toward lack, poverty and fear . . . you focus on how much you have. You now create and feel the emotional joy of abundance at how much you have. However little you have, you imagine the muchness of it and how it is growing — even if it is not! Where you focus energy flows, connects and creates, so it begins to flow toward the muchness you have, and the emotions that come with abundance. In this way you create more of the muchness. You can even fake the emotions of abundance! Consciousness only knows what you focus on; you are the point of creation. Real or fake; it is all the same to universal consciousness simply because they are no more or less than human emotions.