An Uncommon Man on a Remarkable Journey

It was 5:00 am on a chilly morning on a dairy farm in Tasmania, Australia, almost 50 years ago. On my way to bring the cows into the milking shed, I jumped on the merry-go-round I had made for my children out of an old cart wheel. Round and round I went.
This, I thought, represented my life . . . round and round, although it wasn’t ‘merry.’ Uncomfortable questions hammered into me. Why was I milking cows? I hated the instant answer: it was fear that cracked the whip, keeping me in this endless, monotonous cycle, day after day, doing what I did not enjoy. More painful revealing questions followed . . . then, out of the blue, the most powerful question exploded in my head. “Who am I ?”
That moment, that question at age 35, would forever change my life as I embarked on an unshakable quest for self-discovery.
Over the next decade I became increasingly attuned to the Spirit of the Land, to the silent whispers of Nature. At first this ability of communicating with Nature was quite threatening to me. I thought I must be going insane. But, in time, realising how much it enhanced my spiritual growth, I began to trust what I was being taught.
During this same period, I learned to develop and fine-tune a natural ability I had as a child, the ability to travel in my Light-body, going beyond linear time and space. I learned to cross the membrane separating the material (physical) from the intangible (metaphysical). New worlds of experience opened up to me, and writing about these experiences became my creative outlet.
In spite of these unusual and rather uncommon abilities, these years were the most difficult of my life … an endless struggle financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. I had been striving ceaselessly to reach the peak of the spiritual mountain, but all I had managed was to dig a massive, gaping pit of despair. I suffered from debilitating chronic pain, sickness and exhaustion with no end in sight. I had failed on my path and refused to continue on in the illusion. Death was the only release.
In my darkest hour, in 1986, I gave up completely. Without knowing what I was doing, or how, I surrendered. During an intense metaphysical experience and feeling utterly defeated, on impulse I began letting go of everything that was dear to me – my family, God, my many beliefs, my desire to become enlightened and, ultimately, myself. I moved into this deep process of letting go so that I could step into the portal of death that had metaphysically appeared before me. I was ready to end my life. But instead of death… I stepped into a higher level of Life. I was overwhelmed by blazing Light, consumed by Love and a vastly higher consciousness. I knew myself to be Love and Light. I experienced the incredible realisation of Self.
For the next twenty linear minutes I had no physical awareness. I was involved in the holistic experience of the never-ending continuity of Self; simultaneously knowing the what and why of humanity, of life, and its purpose. When I came back to a physical reality, the badly ruptured disc in my spine was completely regenerated, and all my other ailments were gone, never to return. All anxiety was lifted away, all worry finished. I have never experienced either since. Michael, the identity, died. With the death of identity, Self is revealed.
My experience of self-realisation continues to unfold exponentially. I now experience unconditional Love and emotional balance, along with very deep levels of insight. More recently, I experienced the reality and purpose of structure, and the structure and purpose of reality in various timeframes  and on other dimensional levels.
Over the years, these many experiences have developed into the platform for my books and seminars, which I have been presenting worldwide for the past 30 years. For many of these years, relatively unknown, I have been waiting for my time to arrive. Everything happens in perfect timing. At the end of 2012, my perfect timing arrived. In this current era of turmoil and change I am now moving into my full power as a spiritual teacher.
My days of farming have long ended. Nevertheless, I am still an organic gardener; I have a 2 acre garden/playground! However, my main focus now is to ‘grow’ people . . . helping them switch-on to their full spiritual potential. This is my passion, my purpose and my joy.
“We are Beings of Love. It is Love that connects all life on Earth… and beyond. Love is the prime factor of life. Love is the reason for our being here, the reason we incarnate over and over, all to connect with, and powerfully experience, unconditional Love. This, combined with emotional balance completes our state of inner freedom.”