A Movie by Donna Klewer


Quite a few years ago Donna Klewer asked me if she could make a video movie based on my book, Into a Timeless Realm. I confess, I thought this to be impossible, but I gladly gave her permission. The task she undertook was mammoth simply because she had never done anything like this in her life!

The way that she hoped, even expected it to all unfold did not eventuate. She wanted to write the script, and a willing filmmaker would do the rest. Instead, her whole dream was rejected. Finally, after many setbacks and rejections, she realised that if the movie was to be made, it would be up to her.

This whole process was a long, drawn-out drama within itself. I urge you to first watch The Making of a Homemade Movie. It will give you an insight into Donna, and what she had to overcome and deal with. Seriously, this movie and Donna’s courage and drive is an inspiration for us all.

Into a Timeless realm – the Movie is free. Donna so believes in its message that she wants to make it available to everyone. Her hope and dream is that people will find inspiration and insight within the movie. Personally, I find that Donna herself is an inspiration. As you watch the movie, realise that this was all made possible by the support of her husband and family, and that of the actors and people who were drawn into it by her own dedication and enthusiasm.

Many, maybe most, people see a movie through critical eyes. Please, watch both these movies through ‘open and loving eyes.’ In this way you will find the hidden gems.

Michael J. Roads

Making a Homegrown Movie

Into A Timeless Realm

The Movie by Donna Klewer

Join Michael on his first Light Body Journey into the metaphysical realms where he meets many Beings who show him why it’s always best to choose Love! Full of nature scenes, animation and happy music! It’s kind of trippy!