Conscious Conversations with Michael

Having travelled my spiritual path for about six decades, I have gained much wisdom and a deep insight into life . . . and the way it works! Life unfolds perfectly when we are living consciously.

Many people on their spiritual path seem to get lost in a spiritual wilderness. There is so much on offer, so many paths that just may be easier than the one we are on, or get us ‘there’ quicker, or are touted as the ‘right’ one!

Over the years of my spiritual counselling I have noticed that more and more people just want to talk about spirituality. They are not looking for answers to personal problems; they are looking for a type of mentor; someone who has walked the path and knows of the pitfalls. They are looking for real spiritual guidance. I excel at this!

I enjoy conscious conversations. I am a spiritually enlightened man who very deeply knows how life works on our current human level of consciousness.

I offer insights on how to live a peaceful, fear-free, enriching life; how to live consciously in the ever-present moment. I am described as a spiritual teacher, but my spirituality is down-to-earth, not lost in esoteric nonsense. I base my guidance on the bigger, holistic picture of life.

‘Conscious Conversations with Michael’ normally are 1 hour . . . with flexibility.
The fee is $150 AUD per session for telephone, Skype or Zoom appointments.

To schedule a ‘Conscious Conversations with Michael’, please email Carolyn:

PLEASE NOTE: People sometimes email and say they would like a ‘reading’ or would I ‘metaphysically visit’ them. I am not a psychic. I do not ‘read’ people, nor do I ever metaphysically visit them.