Introducing myself . . .

Michael J. Roads

I am known as a modern mystic. Over many years I have gained a wealth of metaphysical experiences which offer me the most extraordinary insights into life. As a spiritual teacher I have devised many inner exercises which allow people to experience the interconnectedness of All life, bridging the illusion of separation between our inner and outer worlds. I offer people the ability to maintain a state of inner peace and freedom, regardless of the situations and circumstances of their lives. Yes . . . this is possible!

All is possible within the power of unconditional Love. I have the consciousness and ability to empower people, thus assisting them in remembering and reconnecting with their own Divine potential. When certain universal principles of Truth become an aspect of your life, the extraordinary becomes really quite ordinary. Aeons ago, we settled for life in the illusion. I will teach you the way out. I have spent five decades exploring the higher realms of consciousness. It is time for your outdated and outmoded personal world reality to give way to the higher potential of a far Greater Reality.

Welcome to my world!

I Love what I do, which is why I am good at it. I live what I teach, and teach what I live; this is important to me. If I embody inner growth, then I can teach it. Instead of simply saying words, I am consciously sharing energy. And, as I have stated, I teach a way to live that works. I no longer experience fear, anxiety, worry, stress, anger, blame, self-criticism or any judgement. It works for me and it will work for you!

What is Life?

This may seem like a dumb question. After all, you are living life . . . or are you?
Are you truly living, or are you following an old, outdated programme that you think is life?
There are only two ways of living life.
One is a way that works, while the other is a way that does not work. That’s it, in a nutshell!
It is startling to realise that probably ninety-four percent of the world’s population lives in a way that does not work. These people all live a repetitive subconscious programme of which they are basically unaware.
The six percent live a fully conscious life, making aware and conscious choices.
So . . . where do you fit in?
If you live in poverty or are hugely wealthy, have any anger, are critical of people and yourself, are unwell, unfit, or suffering in any way at all, experiencing rage and anger and blaming other people about your life, if you are jaded and faded, or do not experience real, true, unconditional Love . . . you are part of the majority group that lives in a way that does not work.
If you have inner-peace, abundance in all the many essential aspects of life, and experience emotional balance and unconditional Love . . . welcome to the power of the minority!
Put simply, Carolyn and I travel the world every year teaching a way of life that works. It is proven, powerful, life changing and dynamic.
It is also fun, exhilarating and, most of all . . . it works!

So . . . welcome to my website and all the life-changing potential I offer you.

‘A Week with Michael’

Those of you who are familiar with my work will probably smile at the name change. Imagine having to come up with a different title every year for 30 years! And times change. Today life is intense, and becoming ever more so as chaos rises. Remember, Chaos is the engine that drives, thus it is Chaos that is driving change. During the ‘Seven days with Michael’ we share energy. This is not intense in the form of chaos, but powerful in the way of willingly embracing holistic change in you and your life.
~ The first 5 days will be based around the Spirituality of Humanity. 
~ The last 2 days will be based around the Spirituality of Nature.
Spirituality is All embracing. For years I have attempted to separate the two subjects because I did not want to make my events too long. I have recently decided that 7 days is not too long, but it is long enough to create the essential inner connection with both vital expressions of  consciousness.
~ Humanity is the creative evolution of consciousness.
~ Nature is the natural evolution of consciousness.
Combined, they bring together a holistic picture that is more appropriate to our current times while bringing an illumination into the illusions of death and extinction. All life is eternal. 

Why should you attend?

I meet with many people from all over the world. They come from all walks of life, all ages, many cultures and professions. Many of them are dealing with an uneasy sense of being increasingly unhappy, unfulfilled, stuck in life, with no real direction or purpose. They want change but have no idea of how to achieve it. Others, in spite of a loving family, a fulfilling career, good health and financial security still feel that something vital is missing. In the midst of their obvious success, deep within they feel very insecure, but they are unable to determine what or why this might be. In all these people this unsettling undercurrent stems from the same root cause: disconnection. A disconnection from Self, from being fully conscious, from the Truth of the soul you actually are, from Nature . . . from Life!
I invite you to join us during our annual Tour and experience the Power of Reconnection. I can humbly state that whatever your circumstances, it will not only hugely and directly improve your own life, it will also make the world a better place in general . . . as together we inner-grow.
From the moment of birth we are inundated with illusion. Most of our parents believed that life is the way it is – illusions. Their parents believed in the illusions of life, and their parents, on and on for countless generations. So the odds are very strong that each generation will be saturated in smothering layers of illusion, losing the deeper spiritual meaning of themselves and their lives.
The creative power of unconditional Love plays a very important role in piercing the illusion. Love is perceived as an emotion, but this is not so. Love is the power of creation. It is said that ‘God is Love’ which is true. And it is Love that creates the world – not an emotion. Love is existence itself, it’s what we are; the frequency that links us all to each other, to Nature, to our world and to our relationship with the divine. Our disconnection from all this reduces and disables us.
In my 80+ years I have the inner-knowing that unconditional Love, emotional balance, and realising the true meaning of life and of Self are the greatest gifts one can achieve. These are the treasures that stay with us forever and I have dedicated my life to helping others experience this also.
The overall objective of ‘Seven Days with Michael’ is that the participant will be able to go home with a clear knowing of how to inner-grow away from the deceit of illusion to the greater clarity of enlightenment, and how to create a fulfilling and enriching life. Our conscious relationship with ourselves is, by far, the most important relationship we will ever have. It creates the foundation for our relationship with life, with health, with abundance . . . with everything.
I have designed ‘Seven Days with Michael’ to be a powerful transformational process to raise your consciousness through a natural synthesis of simplicity, clarity, wisdom and Truth. Through my dialogue, guided experiential inner-exercises and plenty of fun, laughter and ‘letting go’, I provide a rare and welcome opportunity to embrace emotional balance, mental clarity, inner-peace and inner-freedom. You will learn a way of living that is soul-fulfilling and life-changing. The outstanding results from my thousands of participants speak for themselves.
I have navigated the murky waters of metaphysics and spirituality — the ‘should’s’ and the ‘should nots’ — for over five decades and I landed on the elusive shore of Spiritual Enlightenment over 30 years ago. This makes me a more than qualified tour guide in helping others pierce the veil of illusion and discover their Truth. You too, can reach that seemingly ‘distant shore.’ Actually, it’s closer than your breath. So . . . please join us!

All events in Europe and the United States are cancelled.

I am sorry, but Carolyn and I will not be traveling to Europe or America in 2021. The current pandemic has created so much mainstream pandemonium that air travel overseas is far to great a risk. In fact, apart from a serious emergency, Australians are not allowed to leave the country.

You will be notified when we are able to return. However, we ‘will’ be doing on-line seminars. The organisers in each country we visit will have all details when they are available, plus all details will be on this website as well as in my Facebook posts. It will be exciting to explore new ways of sharing with ‘all’ those people who wish to be involved.

Experiences of Participants . . .

“What we experienced at the Intensive goes way beyond most of the teachings that are available these days . . . nothing comes even close to the simplicity, truth and depth of what Michael teaches. He is a true spiritual teacher, one who has experienced everything that he talks about and teaches.”

“Thank you for an exceptional 5 days. I have done several spiritual seminars over the past 17 years, none anywhere as long and absolutely no where near as empowering or life changing to the core of ones being as these past few days. I most humbly thank you for reconnecting me to my true essence.”

“When I talked to a friend about going to the Intensive I used the words ‘It will change my life.’ . . . I had never thought it would be so profound. . . . there is no going back after feeling the Love completely. The intensive has given me a profound, joyous and beautiful change. Thank you, thank you, thank you – my endless thanks to you.”

“Since coming home the physical recovery for me has been almost too great to express in words. The fears I released and re-patterned in the inner-exercises literally melted my body, which today I believe has had me frozen in fear since before birth. The body pain I have suffered for over 30 years, which has been getting progressively worse, is 75-80% gone. How blessed I feel for having met you.”

“Prior to attending your intensive my head was full of spiritual knowledge, and now my heart is full of LOVE. Words are unable to express my wonder and gratitude. From head to heart in five awesome days!”

“I had a magnificent experience at the Intensive, and I am so very happy to have taken part in it. . . . and I am Changing! The Intensive was like a catalyst, helping me to see myself more clearly, helping me to realise the depth of those mistaken beliefs . . . and I can tell you, this is an amazing improvement in my world . . .”

“The most common question about any seminar is, ‘What’s in it for me?’ I do not like this question. It has a poor vibe and a low energy. A better question would be, “How can this inspire me to my greater potential?” This is the question that I will answer.

I am a spiritual teacher. I am not an intellectual online advisor, nor am I an explainer of spiritual techniques; this is all short term stuff. This means that I will do my best to teach you who you are and how to reach your spiritual potential. Be very clear, neither I nor anyone else can do this for you. There is no intellectual path to spiritual enlightenment. However, you can be an intellectual person and become spiritually enlightened . . . but it will not come from intellectual knowledge!

My preference, by far, is to be physically present before large groups where I can engage the energy-field of the participants. Most people who conduct online seminars are purveyors of knowledge, and this certainly has a valuable place, but unrealised by so many, knowledge has a use-by date. Knowledge also changes as it travels from one person to another, easily becoming distorted and contaminated.

I teach people who are sincere in their need to consciously connect with their spirituality. This conscious connection is the key. Being conscious is the key to leaving the subconscious illusions of life and engaging a greater reality. In my 5-day off-line events people do not come and go during a teaching, nor do they converse with each other. They give me their full attention while I am teaching. It seems to me that with online seminars many people get distracted, come and go during the event, talk with other people during the discourses, and then wonder why they did not get much out of it.

This insincere non-engagement does not work. I know how life works. I do not ’think’ I know, I know that I know. If you think this approach is arrogant, or will not work for you, so be it. I am not about to reduce or change my consciousness and be online just to please such people.

I am sincere in my teachings, and I plan to present a superb online experience . . . but I need the same undertaking from all those who engage with me. I need your commitment, your engagement . . . and if you live what I teach it will transform your life.

You and I are special people. Why? Because we are dedicated to growing in consciousness. Most people are not. There are people who are committed to their spirituality, and there are spiritual tourists. You and I know which type achieves the greatest results. I have humour, I laugh a lot, I have fun, but I am totally committed to the creative evolution of the individual human consciousness.

I invite you to be part of this. I invite you to be more of who you are, rather than more of who you are not!”

In Love and Light . . . Michael J. Roads


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. . . on my metaphysical journeys

The first book I ever wrote took me two weeks. It was an instant Best Seller, A Guide to Organic Gardening in Australia. I thought, wow, this is easy. Now, twenty-three books later, and with that first book long out of print, I continue to find writing easy, but writing Best Sellers . . . hmm, not so easy! My last, and final, organic gardening book is Conscious Gardening.

I write because I honestly love writing. Quite often the next book will be my last . . . but I continue writing. I truly enjoy the communicative power and the sheer poetry of lovingly crafted words. I have had five Best Sellers, with a couple of literary awards for my novel, Getting There. (In Europe, The Boy with no Shadow.)

My next two books, Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature, became Best Sellers, and are now under one cover. These were followed by Journey into Oneness, and Into a Timeless Realm, also now under one cover. All these books are about my earlier metaphysical journeys.

My other books are either my more recent metaphysical journeys with Pan, or they are about spirituality. The trilogy, Through the Eyes of Love; Journeying with Pan, are absolutely unique. They not only share my deeper metaphysical travels, but also my inner development while I was engaged in them. Although I ended the trilogy, Stepping Between Realities continues the same themes of metaphysical exploration.

My last two books are a departure from all my other writing. From Illusion to Enlightenment is a journey I have made. In a simple way, I describe the steps needed to move away from the deceit of life’s illusions toward enlightenment. It is simple, yet profound. This was recently followed by Entering the Secret World of Nature. This shares over fifty years of my experience, teaching you, the reader, how you also can achieve this. We have potentials and abilities of which most people seem to know nothing. We are able to actually cross the threshold between the physical and the metaphysical.

A subscription to Michael Roads Teachings will include:

  • Daily Inspirations – This is the result of my ten years of collecting my own inspired aphorisms to share with you. An aphorism is a ‘brief pithy adage of wisdom’. If you read the email each day, you will have a regular empowering focus. Sometimes you will find the daily reading was exactly what you needed for that day, often times it will generate new insight into an old problem. 
  • Video Musings – In a range of 3 minute video’s I share a few of my life’s deeper insights to act as a trigger, or catalyst for you to see deeper into your own innate wisdom.
  • Video Teachings – In 15 minute videos I reflect on a wide range of subjects that could powerfully and positively affect your day to day living. New videos will be added on a weekly basis.
  • Healing Humanity Meditation – The Healing Humanity Meditations are designed to raise the whole human energy-field, our consciousness, our frequency. This monthly meditation will be spontaneous — me, in the moment! For me, it is about all of us connecting in energy. Humanity is out of balance, which means the world is out of balance. As we help bring humanity into balance, so we affect the world . . . and Nature. And we — along with other people and groups doing it their own way — can achieve this. The energy/frequency is rising. We have the ability to harness this energy and raise the whole human consciousness. Love should be our constant focus . . . not fear!
  • My Latest Publications – An introduction by Michael to his latest publications. As a subscriber you will be able to download his latest three books as a PDF file (Portable Document Format). This PDF file can either be read on your computer or printed out for spiral binding.
  • Access to the FOUR Live Meetings with Michael Each Month – Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 6pm Brisbane time Michael and Carolyn will be live via a Zoom Meeting to answer your questions. In addition subscribers of ‘Michael Roads Teachings’ have exclusive access every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 5pm Brisbane time to a live Zoom webinar with Michael. An opportunity to connect live every week with Michael!


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