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Michael J. Roads is known as a modern mystic. Over many years he gained a wealth of metaphysical experiences that offer him the most extraordinary insights into life. As a spiritual teacher, he has devised many inner exercises that allow people to experience the interconnectedness of All life, bridging the illusion of separation between our inner and outer worlds. His work offers people the ability to maintain a state of inner peace and freedom, regardless of the situations and circumstances of their lives. Yes . . . this is possible!

All is possible within the power of unconditional Love. Michael developed the consciousness and ability to empower people, thus assisting them in remembering and reconnecting with their own Divine potential. When certain universal principles of Truth become an aspect of your life, the extraordinary becomes really quite ordinary. Aeons ago, we settled for life in the illusion. Michael teaches you the way out. He has spent five decades exploring the higher realms of consciousness. During these times of great change on our planet, it is time for us all to let go of our outdated and personal world reality, and give way to the higher potential of a far Greater Reality.

Michael’s Latest Book “Pan . . . and Me”

The book was released on the summer/winter solstice, 21 June 2023.

Michael on What is Life?

This may seem like a dumb question. After all, you are living life . . . or are you?
Are you truly living, or are you following an old, outdated programme that you think is life?
There are only two ways of living life.
One is a way that works, while the other is a way that does not work. That’s it, in a nutshell!
It is startling to realise that probably ninety-four percent of the world’s population lives in a way that does not work. These people all live a repetitive subconscious programme of which they are basically unaware.
The six percent live a fully conscious life, making aware and conscious choices.
So . . . where do you fit in?
If you live in poverty or are hugely wealthy, have any anger, are critical of people and yourself, are unwell, unfit, or suffering in any way at all, experiencing rage and anger and blaming other people about your life, if you are jaded and faded, or do not experience real, true, unconditional Love . . . you are part of the majority group that lives in a way that does not work.
If you have inner-peace, abundance in all the many essential aspects of life, and experience emotional balance and unconditional Love . . . welcome to the power of the minority!
Carolyn and I travelled the world every year teaching a way of life that works. It is proven, powerful, life changing and dynamic.
It is also fun, exhilarating and, most of all . . . it works!

So . . . welcome to my website and all the life-changing potential I offer you.

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The first book Michael ever wrote took him two weeks. It was an instant best seller, “A Guide to Organic Gardening in Australia.” He thought, “Wow, this is easy.” Now, twenty-three books later, and with that first book long out of print, he continues to find writing easy, but writing best sellers . . . hmm, not so easy! His last, and final, organic gardening book is “Conscious Gardening.”

Michael writes because he honestly loves writing. Quite often the next book will be his last . . . but he continues writing. He truly enjoys the communicative power and the sheer poetry of lovingly crafted words. He has had five best sellers, with a couple of literary awards for his novel, “Getting There” (in Europe, “The Boy with no Shadow”).

His next two books, “Talking with Nature” and “Journey into Nature,” became best sellers and are now under one cover. These were followed by “Journey into Oneness” and “Into a Timeless Realm,” also now under one cover. All these books are about his earlier metaphysical journeys.

His other books are either his more recent metaphysical journeys with Pan or about spirituality. The trilogy, “Through the Eyes of Love; Journeying with Pan,” is absolutely unique. They not only share his deeper metaphysical travels but also his inner development while he was engaged in them. Although he ended the trilogy, “Stepping Between Realities” continues the same themes of metaphysical exploration.

His last two books are a departure from all his other writing. “From Illusion to Enlightenment” is a journey he has made. In a simple way, he describes the steps needed to move away from the deceit of life’s illusions toward enlightenment. It is simple, yet profound. This was recently followed by “Entering the Secret World of Nature.” This shares over fifty years of his experience, teaching the reader how they also can achieve this. He believes we have potentials and abilities of which most people seem to know nothing. We are able to actually cross the threshold between the physical and the metaphysical.

A subscription to Michael Roads Teachings will include:

  • Daily Inspirations – This is the result of Michael’s ten years of collecting his own inspired aphorisms to share with you. An aphorism is a ‘brief pithy adage of wisdom’. If you read the email each day, you will have a regular empowering focus. Sometimes you will find the daily reading was exactly what you needed for that day; often it will generate new insight into an old problem.

    Video Musings – In a range of 3-minute videos, Michael shares a few of his life’s deeper insights to act as a trigger or catalyst for you to see deeper into your own innate wisdom.

    Video Teachings – In 15-minute videos, Michael reflects on a wide range of subjects that could powerfully and positively affect your day-to-day living. New videos will be added on a weekly basis.

    Healing Humanity Meditation – The Healing Humanity Meditations are designed to raise the whole human energy-field, our consciousness, our frequency. This monthly meditation will be spontaneous — Michael, in the moment! For him, it is about all of us connecting in energy. Humanity is out of balance, which means the world is out of balance. As we help bring humanity into balance, so we affect the world . . . and Nature. Along with other people and groups doing it their own way, we can achieve this. The energy/frequency is rising. We have the ability to harness this energy and raise the whole human consciousness. Love should be our constant focus . . . not fear!

    Michael’s Latest Publications – An introduction by Michael to his latest publications. As a subscriber, you will be able to download his latest three books as a PDF file (Portable Document Format). This PDF file can either be read on your computer or printed out for spiral binding.


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