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March, 2014 Newsletter
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 I live without anxiety, without worry, without illness, without fear, without mental and emotional stress. So can you!


My teachings are metaphysical – all life is metaphysical – combining two directions that are One! The first direction is about Absolute Love and emotional completeness. Absolute, unconditional, divine Love is not an emotion; this Love is the power of creation. The difference between conditional human love and unconditional divine Love is immense, so I teach how we may reach the higher level of Love, allowing us to live and express from our true divine nature, rather than from illusion. I also teach the truth about our emotions – which are metaphysical – how they work, and the way to reach emotional balance. 


The second direction of my teaching is about the metaphysics of Nature and humanity, and how it all works as an integrated whole known as Oneness, or the unified field of energy. The physical Nature that surrounds us is a reflection of the greater metaphysical reality that very few people experience. I teach how to live life in a way that holistically uplifts, refines and fulfills . . . a way that works! Teaching wholeness is my passion and my purpose.


The following are a few of the key points of my teachings: 

  • Who am I? This is the most important question you will ever ask, but when this question comes from the intellect (head), you will never experience an answer. However when this “Who am I?” question emerges from the heart (soul), the timing will be perfect, and truth revealed. Everything happens in perfect timing; this is universal law. From the hatching of an egg to the unfolding of a flower, it is this all-important timing that people overlook, or dismiss. The fact that you are reading this suggests that your timing has arrived! 

  • What is my purpose? How can I be happy? Why do terrible things happen? Why do I have this disease? Why do I suffer? You do have a purpose, you can be happy, you need not suffer, and you can learn to understand, to know, and experience the true meaning of life . . . and how it all works. As life flows through the aperture of your Being, it picks up the blueprint of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, manifesting their expression in the happenings of your daily life. Attempting to change your outer reality is useless. It is already made manifest. Change needs to occur at the point of creation, and you are the point of creation. Nothing changes until you do. In every moment of your life you are creating the content and direction of every moment of your life. It never ends. This is the power of your creation, whether you are aware of it or not. Your relationship with yourself is your relationship with all people and all life, and with everything happening in it. 

  • You are an immortal soul, not a mortal body. You are metaphysical continuity, not physical beginnings and endings. You are a soul with a body/personality, not a body/personality with a soul. Simply by living this truth, your life will go through dramatic change. What is risk to an immortal soul? What is there to fear?You are a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional Being of Love/Light. You only have to live the truth of your Being and Love/Truth will set you free. To experience absolute Love is your birthright. 

  • You are only able to express absolute Love consciously. You can express your very human emotional love while subconscious, which is the subnormal state of most people. However, you are designed to live and be fully conscious. You can only be fully conscious in the moment. God, Love, true peace, real joy, freedom, and conscious intelligence all exist only in the moment. You can think your way out of the moment, but you cannot think your way into it. The moment is a place where very few humans consciously live. The moment is the place of miracles. 

  • I teach about the origin of pain and suffering, and how to be free of it. Once you realise how pain and suffering is self-created – and it is – then you can release the subconscious conditioning that creates it. Many people suffer needlessly, never realising that they are both the cause and the effect. 


  • Where we focus energy flows. And this energy is yours, representing and creating your life. Your focus in life is a key factor to what you attract and energise. Through their thoughts and conversation, the focus of most people is on lack, fears, and suffering. Not a good idea! Let the focus be Love. 

  • There is a huge difference between using your intellect subconsciously and consciously using your intelligence. You cannot use intelligence subconsciously. Intelligence is to the soul/heart as the intellect is to personality/brain. Imagine the vast store of wisdom we each contain from our many incarnations that is only available through conscious intelligence.  

  • Metaphysical reality always precedes physical reality. Only your material body is physical. You have many other bodies that are all metaphysical; the etheric body, astral body, emotional body, mental body, and a few others that are more subtle. You receive all information first mentally, then emotionally. Finally the mental and emotional energy that has arisen from the information manifests itself in the physical body. Let it be Love! 

  • All information is energy, all energy is information. Whether aware of it or not, you are both receiving and transmitting information in a continual, never-ending stream. Only when you are fully conscious will you be aware of, and able to use, this connection with the unified field of energy.  

These are just a few key pointers. Imagine how much is covered in five days at an Intensive. As the alchemy of Love and Truth work their magic at the Intensives, so we see the beauty of human transformation.  




Through The Eyes of Love Book One Through The Eyes of Love Book Two Through The Eyes of Love Book Three

Book One

ISBN: 978-0-9856048-4-4
(revised second edition)

Book Two

ISBN: 978-0-9856048-5-1

Book Three

ISBN 978-0-9856048-2-0



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SagoSago, the Caterpillar Who Wanted To Fly . . . a new children's book!

Allow me to introduce Buzz Buzz, the enlightened bumble bee. I am his creator, but it took the artistic skills of Nancy Horenburg to give him substance. Sago, the Caterpillar Who Wanted To Fly, is the first in a series of children's books, each of which reveals a gem of wisdom all wrapped up in a fun story. Buzz Buzz is the Wise One who offers his insight to the various insects of Bugtown when they are in trouble. The next book will be Hoppy, the Hero Grasshopper. So if there are parents out there that like their kids to read . . . or to be read to . . . try Buzz Buzz, he is a real cool bumble bee!

Written by Michael Roads
Illustrated by Nancy Horenburg

Click here to listen to Sago's theme song, All I want to Do is Fly!
(piano by Marge Adler - written and preformed by Jimmy Silver - 2:13)

Now available in hard copy, pdf format or eBook at Amazon by clicking here.


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Michael Roads

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Meditation Music

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Performed by:
Tsuyoki Fukui
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Yumiko Ogawa (Irish Harp)

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