Michael’s Personal Sessions

In one way or another most people are struggling with life. Having consciously travelled my spiritual path for about six decades, I have gained much wisdom and a deep insight into life . . . and the way it works!

Many people on their spiritual path seem to get lost in a spiritual wilderness. Most of us have spent centuries with an outside dependency on approval; our individuality often highjacked by threats of spiritual damnation, fostering lifetimes of fear. This is now all behind us . . . but unfortunately, the deeply conditioned subconscious program of self-attack continues.

This is were I come in.

I offer advice on how to live a peaceful, fear-free, enriching life; how to live consciously in the ever-present moment. I am described as a spiritual teacher, but my spirituality is down-to-earth, not lost in esoteric nonsense. I base my advice on the bigger, holistic picture of life.

I am not a physiologist, nor a clairvoyant . . . regarding the coronavirus! I am neither a doctor nor a “Dear Abbey.” I am simply a spiritually enlightened man who knows how life works on our current human level of consciousness.

Sessions normally are 1 hour . . . with flexibility.
The fee is $150 AUD per session for telephone or Skype appointments.

To schedule a session with Michael, please email Carolyn: carolyn@michaelroads.com

PLEASE NOTE: People sometimes email and say they would like a ‘reading’ or would I ‘metaphysically visit’ them. I am not a psychic. I do not ‘read’ people, nor do I ever metaphysically visit them.