Insights of a Modern Mystic

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Michael Roads, the ordinary mystic, weaves the wealth of his life experience with the most extra-ordinary insights. Insights that enable people to gain an understanding of the true nature of reality, thus experiencing their own lives through the eyes of Love. This gives them a viscerally different perspective of life.

This is the first of a series of videos I am making regarding the metaphysical aspects of the ‘virus’ and what you can do for yourself. It is time to make clear the depth of the violation of human rights that is currently taking place as we are being manipulated into a new world order. A world where we will be permanently forced into submission and compliance under the guise of it being for our own good and welfare. It is time to WAKE UP!

This is my second video talking about the times we’re in and how to deal with our current lives. You do need to realise that a passive, everything-is-for-our-own-good approach is not going to serve us well. This is a time of Big Change and we all need to be part of it. This does not mean a revolution of anger and violence, it means a revolution of something very new . . . Love.

This is my third video. It is easy to grumble and complain, but when this becomes your focus, then you are creating a world to grumble and complain about. In this video I’m talking about creating a world of Goodness, Truth and Beauty; a world you enjoy living in. We are creators. Please create with Love rather than fear, developing an open-minded attitude toward all life.

This is my fourth video in this series. In this video I explain the metaphysics of disease. Fairly obviously, dis-ease truly means out of harmony. As always we determine our state of health, not only in what we ingest but in our deeper thoughts and emtions. This is where we create either inner-peace or turmoil. No prize in guessing which works best for us. Carefully steer away from fearful thinking. CONSCIOUSLY . . . choose Love.

This is my 5th in a series of videos, about how to manage your life in these turbulent times.

This the 6th in my series of short videos. It is about the importance and value of connecting with Self and with Nature.

This is my 7th in a series of videos. It is about the Crossroads of Life.

This is my 8th in a series of videos. It is about ‘who you are’, intuition and a deeper look at understanding.