Where to Find Us in 2021/2022

All events in Europe and the United States are cancelled.

I am sorry, but Carolyn and I will not be traveling to Europe or America in 2021/2022. The current pandemic has created so much mainstream pandemonium that air travel overseas is far to great a risk. In fact, apart from a serious emergency, Australians are not allowed to leave the country.

You will be notified when we are able to return. However, we ‘will’ be doing on-line seminars. The organisers in each country we visit will have all details when they are available, plus all details will be on this website as well as in my Facebook posts. It will be exciting to explore new ways of sharing with ‘all’ those people who wish to be involved.

‘Live with Michael’

Online Course

Starting Nov 9 2021 . . .

‘The Great Awakening’

Online Experience

Michael about The Great Awakening . . .

“The most common question about any seminar is, ‘What’s in it for me?’ I do not like this question. It has a poor vibe and a low energy. A better question would be, “How can this inspire me to my greater potential?” This is the question that I will answer.

I am a spiritual teacher. I am not an intellectual online advisor, nor am I an explainer of spiritual techniques; this is all short term stuff. This means that I will do my best to teach you who you are and how to reach your spiritual potential. Be very clear, neither I nor anyone else can do this for you. There is no intellectual path to spiritual enlightenment. However, you can be an intellectual person and become spiritually enlightened . . . but it will not come from intellectual knowledge!

My preference, by far, is to be physically present before large groups where I can engage the energy-field of the participants. Most people who conduct online seminars are purveyors of knowledge, and this certainly has a valuable place, but unrealised by so many, knowledge has a use-by date. Knowledge also changes as it travels from one person to another, easily becoming distorted and contaminated.

I teach people who are sincere in their need to consciously connect with their spirituality. This conscious connection is the key. Being conscious is the key to leaving the subconscious illusions of life and engaging a greater reality. In my 5-day off-line events people do not come and go during a teaching, nor do they converse with each other. They give me their full attention while I am teaching. It seems to me that with online seminars many people get distracted, come and go during the event, talk with other people during the discourses, and then wonder why they did not get much out of it.

This insincere non-engagement does not work. I know how life works. I do not ’think’ I know, I know that I know. If you think this approach is arrogant, or will not work for you, so be it. I am not about to reduce or change my consciousness and be online just to please such people.

I am sincere in my teachings, and I plan to present a superb online experience . . . but I need the same undertaking from all those who engage with me. I need your commitment, your engagement . . . and if you live what I teach it will transform your life.

You and I are special people. Why? Because we are dedicated to growing in consciousness. Most people are not. There are people who are committed to their spirituality, and there are spiritual tourists. You and I know which type achieves the greatest results. I have humour, I laugh a lot, I have fun, but I am totally committed to the creative evolution of the individual human consciousness.

I invite you to be part of this. I invite you to be more of who you are, rather than more of who you are not!”

In Love and Light . . . Michael J. Roads

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