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All 2020 Events Cancelled

Michael says, “2020 . . . Virus of Change”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear . . . 2020 is not shaping up in the way that any of us expected. We are hit instead with a Virus of Change, or should I say a Virus of Potential Change? In the public world of Fear and Survival people are caught up in the mass survival rules and edicts being laid down for our own benefit and welfare . . . or so we are told. I have no doubt that this is well meant, and it is all okay.

It is not okay, however, to give in to the demands of Fear. I have capitalised Fear because it is stamping around the world in loud heavy boots, doing all that it can to attract your attention. I suggest you see it for what it truly is. Whatever combination of chemistry and human ill-intent gave birth to the virus, the universe will use it for its own uses . . . hence, a Virus of Change.

You have heard me talk many times about the immanent ‘pandemic’ we would have. I said that it would be a pandemic of dementia, and as I watch the fear reaction in the supermarkets of the world, I see the actions of fearfully demented people. I am not saying that this will happen, but this current virus could be the precursor of more to come. This probability depends on humanity.

Humanity is being polarised. Your spirituality is not based in how much spiritual knowledge you have, it is based on whether you react with fear, anxiety and worry, or whether you smile at life and consciously choose Love! Always remember what I have — hopefully — drummed into you: In every moment of your life you are creating the content and direction of every moment of your life. No virus can change this. YOU are the creator in your life.

When you consciously choose Love you lift your energy, your humanity, your world. Even a virus is subjected to the laws of yin and yang and, as unlikely as it may seem, the Light energy of the Virus of Change will also positively lift your energy. Equally, if you allow our ages old subconscious conditioning to open you to Fear, the dark energy of the Virus of Change will have a far more negative affect. This is where you choose . . . and Love is the only choice required!

So, dear friends, this is not the end by any means, but for this year, 2020, Carolyn and I are completely unable to travel to Europe or the UK. This is a choice we did not have to make. The airlines and each country made it for us. At this stage, the U.S. in July is a possibility we are open too, as is Australia in August and Japan in early November. Fingers crossed!

I am open to phone or Skype sessions with people who feel a need to connect with me personally. I can offer a deeper insight into this time of Change than the media offer, and maybe words of comfort and strength . . . but in the end this is about each of us making a conscious choice regarding our soul direction, for souls we are. As I have often re-quoted, “We reap what we sow.” This is the time to sow the seeds of Love and reap the harvest of Love. Please contact Carolyn (carolyn@michaelroads.com) to arrange a Skype session.

In Love and Light and abundant toilet paper . . . Michael.

14 April 2020 – United States Cancelled

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we had to cancel the event in the United States.

1 May 2020 – Switzerland Cancelled

To all my Good Friends and Newcomers who would have been at the 2020 Intensive/Nature Seminar in Switzerland,

As you all know, a man-made virus that was unleashed on the world has currently changed life as we know it. With all airlines out of commission and most airports closed, I have finally accepted that Carolyn and I will not be visiting Switzerland this year. We were hoping that because Switzerland was our last visit in Europe, we might be able to fly in for that Intensive and then continue on to America, but alas, it is not to be.

As I am sure many of you are aware, this is the Change/Chaos/conflict that I have been predicting for the last decade. The totalitarian agenda of the 1% is to achieve world domination by breaking our global economy . . . and then to usher in the One World Order with a digital currency . . . and complete control of humanity. Losing a few billion people in the process would be to their advantage! Interestingly, the greatest opposition to this is not fear, anger and mental and emotional violence . . . it is the very opposite. This grab for power comes from enormous wealth with a very low consciousness. All forms of physical, mental and emotional fear-based violence, in the forms of anger and blame and rage will feed their energy, thus assisting their heinous agenda. This is not a good idea. It will reduce your own consciousness to their level.

The way to act against this power-grab is to resist with Love. By Loving yourself, your family, your friends and your life, you are raising not only your own consciousness, but also the consciousness of humanity. Being ignorant of what is taking place will not work for you. We need to be informed. We need to know that we are required to make positive and uplifting choices. We need to know that fear and anger will work against us. We need to know that Loving resistance is the way forward. Fear always precedes anger; this is the substance of victim-consciousness. Unfortunately, this is the majority of humanity today. But not all!

You need to shift your consciousness firmly into Love. To not fearing, away from anger. To knowing and Living your Greater Reality. And you know what this is. You are a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional, eternal Being of Love and Light. This is your Truth and it is unassailable by any sad and corrupt 1% of humanity. Remember, you strengthen Truth by CONSCIOUSLY . . . choosing Love!

See you all in 2021.

In Love and Light . . . Michael

23 June 2020 – Japan Cancelled

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we had to cancel the event in Japan.

5 August 2020 – Australia Cancelled

Hi Everyone,

As you’re probably all aware by now, it was announced today that as of 8 August the QLD borders will be completely closed to all of NSW, which reduces our numbers to the point where Michael and I have decided it is no longer feasible to do our event at Tranquil Park this month as planned. Things are changing so rapidly . . . if there was an outbreak in Brisbane they would immediately cancel all gatherings. This is just too chaotic a time to plan anything.

We now are planning an event in very early March, 2021, rather than wait until next August, and hopefully by then all the people who have had to cancel will find it smooth sailing across the borders.

In the meantime, Michael is very keen to connect with everyone, and we are planning with Maarten to do a live Zoom ‘Healing the World’ inner-exercise where we can combine our energies to promote global peace and freedom. This will be on Sunday, 13 September, and the time will be announced . . . probably later afternoon so we can include all our English speaking friends in Europe, as well, with the time difference. It will a good way to connect with Michael and many other like-minded people, and do what we can to help lift the vibration during these trying times. You’ll be sent all the details when they are available, should you choose to participate.

A couple of people have asked me to hold their payments for the March event, so if you would like to do that, please let me know, Otherwise I will be issuing your refunds tomorrow.

Lastly, thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. We’re disappointed that things have unfolded the way they have, but we always, always choose Love and know you do too. It is as it is! OXOX

Hugging you with all the Love in our hearts,
Carolyn and Michael


If you are traveling anywhere in the world to join us for our events this year, we would like to highly recommend our travel agent who has very successfully arranged our world tour (not easy!) for over 30 years. She is a dream to work with and very experienced . . . so please call her for any travel needs. She does it all, both domestically and internationally and will serve you brilliantly . . . even if one of our events is not your final destination! :)

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