Michael Roads on the Road

I meet with many people from all over the world. They come from all walks of life, all ages, many cultures and professions. Many of them are dealing with an uneasy sense of being increasingly unhappy, unfulfilled, stuck in life, with no real direction or purpose. They want change but have no idea of how to achieve it. Others, in spite of a loving family, a fulfilling career, good health and financial security still feel that something vital is missing. In the midst of their obvious success, deep within they feel very insecure, but they are unable to determine what or why this might be. In all these people this unsettling undercurrent stems from the same root cause: disconnection. A disconnection from Self, from being fully conscious, from the Truth of the soul you actually are, from Nature . . . from Life!
I invite you to join us during our annual Tour and experience the Power of Reconnection. I can humbly state that whatever your circumstances, it will not only hugely and directly improve your own life, it will also make the world a better place in general . . . as together we inner-grow.
From the moment of birth we are inundated with illusion. Most of our parents believed that life is the way it is – illusions. Their parents believed in the illusions of life, and their parents, on and on for countless generations. So the odds are very strong that each generation will be saturated in smothering layers of illusion, losing the deeper spiritual meaning of themselves and their lives.
The creative power of unconditional Love plays a very important role in piercing the illusion. Love is perceived as an emotion, but this is not so. Love is the power of creation. It is said that ‘God is Love’ which is true. And it is Love that creates the world – not an emotion. Love is existence itself, it’s what we are; the frequency that links us all to each other, to Nature, to our world and to our relationship with the divine. Our disconnection from all this reduces and disables us.
In my 80+ years I have the inner-knowing that unconditional Love, emotional balance, and realising the true meaning of life and of Self are the greatest gifts one can achieve. These are the treasures that stay with us forever and I have dedicated my life to helping others experience this also.

Video impression of a Day with Michael . . .

The overall objective of Seven Days with Michael is that the participant will be able to go home with a clear knowing of how to inner-grow away from the deceit of illusion to the greater clarity of enlightenment, and how to create a fulfilling and enriching life. Our conscious relationship with ourselves is, by far, the most important relationship we will ever have. It creates the foundation for our relationship with life, with health, with abundance . . . with everything.
I have designed Seven Days with Michael to be a powerful transformational process to raise your consciousness through a natural synthesis of simplicity, clarity, wisdom and Truth. Through my dialogue, guided experiential inner-exercises and plenty of fun, laughter and ‘letting go’, I provide a rare and welcome opportunity to embrace emotional balance, mental clarity, inner-peace and inner-freedom. You will learn a way of living that is soul-fulfilling and life-changing. The outstanding results from my thousands of participants speak for themselves.
I have navigated the murky waters of metaphysics and spirituality — the ‘should’s’ and the ‘should nots’ — for over five decades and I landed on the elusive shore of Spiritual Enlightenment over 30 years ago. This makes me a more than qualified tour guide in helping others pierce the veil of illusion and discover their Truth. You too, can reach that seemingly ‘distant shore.’ Actually, it’s closer than your breath. So . . . please join us!

I suspect that all the participants and I value Carolyn’s contribution to our events far more than she realises. She seems to think it’s ‘The Michael Show’ and I do my best to persuade her, that although I might play a major role she also unlocks deep feelings in people with her feminine approach. To me, the feminine perspective is a vital part of our presentation, which is why I value Carolyn’s contribution so much. Occasionally a person will ask me why Carolyn doesn’t speak more, as though I am maybe preventing her. The opposite is true, I encourage her to speak as much as she wants. However, I need to add that Carolyn works on the computer all the year round, home or traveling, co-ordinating organisers for our global events each year. She answers all the emails, works with publishers, sets up interviews and article requests . . . the list is endless. So I respect her desire not to be a key speaker. For me, Carolyn perfectly demonstrates that less can be more!

Experiences of Participants . . .

“I had a magnificent experience at the Intensive, and I am so very happy to have taken part in it . . . and I am Changing! The Intensive was like a catalyst, helping me to see myself more clearly, helping me to realise the depth of those mistaken beliefs . . . and I can tell you, this is an amazing improvement in my world . . .”

“What we experienced at the Intensive goes way beyond most of the teachings that are available these days . . . nothing comes even close to the simplicity, truth and depth of what Michael teaches. He is a true spiritual teacher, one who has experienced everything that he talks about and teaches.”

“Thank you for an exceptional 5 days. I have done several spiritual seminars over the past 17 years, none anywhere as long and absolutely no where near as empowering or life changing to the core of ones being as these past few days. I most humbly thank you for reconnecting me to my true essence.”

“Since coming home the physical recovery for me has been almost too great to express in words. The fears I released and re-patterned in the inner-exercises literally melted my body, which today I believe has had me frozen in fear since before birth. The body pain I have suffered for over 30 years, which has been getting progressively worse, is 75-80% gone. How blessed I feel for having met you.”

“When I talked to a friend about going to the Intensive I used the words ‘It will change my life.’ . . . I had never thought it would be so profound. . . . there is no going back after feeling the Love completely. The intensive has given me a profound, joyous and beautiful change. Thank you, thank you, thank you – my endless thanks to you.”

“Prior to attending your intensive my head was full of spiritual knowledge, and now my heart is full of LOVE. Words are unable to express my wonder and gratitude. From head to heart in five awesome days!”