Michael Roads in Australia

Sunday, 16 August – Thursday, 20 August 2020

Tranquil Park, Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland QLD

Hi Everyone,

As you’re probably all aware by now, it was announced today that as of 8 August the QLD borders will be completely closed to all of NSW, which reduces our numbers to the point where Michael and I have decided it is no longer feasible to do our event at Tranquil Park this month as planned. Things are changing so rapidly . . . if there was an outbreak in Brisbane they would immediately cancel all gatherings. This is just too chaotic a time to plan anything.

We now are planning an event in very early March, 2021, rather than wait until next August, and hopefully by then all the people who have had to cancel will find it smooth sailing across the borders.

In the meantime, Michael is very keen to connect with everyone, and we are planning with Maarten to do a live Zoom ‘Healing the World’ inner-exercise where we can combine our energies to promote global peace and freedom. This will be on Sunday, 13 September, and the time will be announced . . . probably later afternoon so we can include all our English speaking friends in Europe, as well, with the time difference. It will a good way to connect with Michael and many other like-minded people, and do what we can to help lift the vibration during these trying times. You’ll be sent all the details when they are available, should you choose to participate.

A couple of people have asked me to hold their payments for the March event, so if you would like to do that, please let me know, Otherwise I will be issuing your refunds tomorrow.

Lastly, thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. We’re disappointed that things have unfolded the way they have, but we always, always choose Love and know you do too. It is as it is! OXOX

Hugging you with all the Love in our hearts,
Carolyn and Michael