Michael Roads in Australia

– A Week with Michael –

Sunday, 16 August – Saturday, 22 August 2020

Tranquil Park, Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland QLD

Our August event will be happening . . .

. . . but we need to make a couple of points very clear:

  • If border closings prevent you from attending, any payments made will be refunded immediately and in full.
  • We also are offering the option of registering, but not making any payments until arrival.
  • If you have a sincere desire to attend but find yourself financially challenged, let me know and we will do what we can to make it possible for you to join us.

We each have a purpose . . . we are not here at this time by accident. Now, more than ever in the history of humanity, we must come together in peace and Love, and let our Light shine. This is the greatest power in the world. Together we’ll move through conscious evolution and the transformation of humanity. Together we are strong!

Please email me with any questions or concerns . . . I’m happy to reply!
My email address: carolyn@michaelroads.com

Hugging you with warmth and Love,

A Week with Michael

Michael Roads

How times change! A few months ago Carolyn and I were about ready for our 2020 world tour . . . and then along came covid-19.
You are, no doubt, aware of how most of the world reacted . . . serious, escalating fear. It was a pandemic of fear, not a virus. This fear was manipulated and fed by the media and promoted in every way possible to have the greatest affect on the overall population.
For well over a decade I have been talking about the approaching Wave of Change. This wave is of a higher frequency than the consensus reality of humanity, hence all the fear and resistance. The time of conspiracy theories has come to an end. We are now living in a world of conspiracy reality. Seriously, you need to be prepared for Change on a scale that humanity has seldom ever faced.

When, about 30 years ago I began to travel as a spiritual teacher, I described my teachings as Five Day Re*treats. Fifteen years later I went through the a profound experiencing of unconditional Love. This gave birth to the Five Day Intensives. Change has continued in my life, and I now invite you to spend A Week With Michael. Participants have a choice of a 5-day week or a 7-day week.

The first 5-days will be based around the Spirituality of Humanity.
The last 2-days will be based around the Spirituality of Nature.

Spirituality is all embracing. For years I have attempted to keep the two subjects separate because I did not want my events to be too long. However, with the times we are in and the amount I have to share with you, I need a week to create the essential inner connection with both vital expressions of consciousness.

Humanity is the creative evolution of consciousness.
Nature is the natural evolution of consciousness.

Combined, they bring together a holistic picture that is more appropriate to our current times while bringing an illumination into the illusions of fear, death, and tragedy.

The world as we have long experienced it is ending. This is the time of the Great Awakening. People either Awaken, embracing Change and moving into the New, or they resist, entering another cycle in the old illusions of fear and attachment.

Together, we will spend the week creating the greatest opportunity and potential for you to ride the Wave of Newness.

IMPORTANT: You have a choice of a 5-day week or a 7-day week.

  1. The first 5-days will be based around the Spirituality of Humanity.
  2. The last 2-days will be based around the Spirituality of Nature. This will be an extension of the 5-days, AND IS NOT OFFERED INDEPENDENTLY.


Carolyn Roads

The first day, Sunday, 16 August, will begin at 10:00 AM to allow extra time for people to arrive who wish to drive in that morning. It will conclude after lunch on Thursday, 20 August.

For those who choose to stay on for the two additional days on Nature, this last segment of the full 7-days will begin after lunch on Thursday, August 20, at 2:30 PM.

Start time for every day after the first day will be 9 AM. There will be daily 2-hour lunch breaks (12:30 – 2:30 PM), and two ½-hour morning and afternoon tea/coffee/snack breaks (10:30 AM and 4:00 PM). The days will conclude at 6:00 PM except the final day: 5-days only ends at lunchtime on 20 August . . . 7-days ends at lunchtime on 22 August.

Tranquil Park

Tranquil Park is nestled on the southern escarpment of Queensland’s beautiful Blackall Range with lovely views of the magnificent Glass House Mountains, one of Australia’s most inspired and treasured natural environments.

Rooms available from $90 per person (shared bathroom in apartment) with a range of individual accommodation up to $160 per room to suit requirements and budget. Continental breakfast included. Please contact Sally at 07 5494 2544 or reception@tranquilpark.com.au to book your reservation.

Tranquil Park

Please be aware that they have a limited number of rooms, so if you are sure you will be attending and staying onsite, reserve your room early. For additional accommodation options in the area contact carolyn@michaelroads.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Your personal room reservations must be made directly with the venue. It is not included with your seminar fee.

On the registration form there lists four choices for lunch preferences: Meat and Fish, Vegetarian,  Vegetarian and Fish or Gluten and Dairy Free. A continental breakfast is included with your room rate if you are staying on site. Otherwise, breakfast and dinner will be available at their restaurant. Light dinners will be available each night in their restaurant and there are other area restaurants within driving distance. All rooms include small fridges and coffee / tea making facilities, so bringing food from home or purchasing food from a local market would also be an option.

Your Investment

  • Five days with Michael: $795
  • Seven days with Michael: $1,120

This rates Includes event fees, daily lunches, two daily coffee/tea/snack breaks and GST. (Breakfast and dinner is not included.)


A minimum deposit of $350 is requested on registration, with the balance of $445 (5-days) or $770 (7-days) due on or before 1 August 2020. Payments in full can also be made.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund before 1 July. Half refund before 1 August. No refund after 1 August. Please make sure you receive an email confirming your cancellation.

Payment Methods:

  • Checks: Please make checks payable to RoadsLight Pty Ltd  (Australian dollars drawn on Australian banks only, please.)
  • PayPal: Make payments through PayPal to office@michaelroads.com or send an email to office@michaelroads.com and request an invoice that can be paid online with PayPal, MasterCard or Visa.
  • Direct Deposit Details:
    • RoadsLight Pty Ltd Commonwealth Bank
    • BSB: 064 424 25-31 Lowe Street
    • Account Number: 1024 6757 Nambour, QLD 4560

For your direct deposit ‘Reference’ or PayPal ‘Message’ please use your first and last name. Also, please email carolyn@michaelroads.com with the date your payment was made to be sure it is recorded properly. (Please note that using ‘2020 Intensive’ gives us no indication of who transferred the funds. Make sure to use your name.)

How to get to Tranquil Park

Driving – Our venue is located at 483 Mountain View Road in Maleny, QLD 4552.

Flying – Please book flight to Brisbane Airport or Sunshine Coast Maroochydore Airport. We can arrange an airport pick up service via Connexion. Costs and details on request.


Contact Carolyn Roads at 0484 315 180 or email carolyn@michaelroads.com

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